Nepal Update: Mercy In The Rubble

Published Friday, May 01, 2015 @ 09:00 AM. Written by Darren Tyler for Nepal Earthquake and Nepal.

Fellow Conduits-

Things are moving very swiftly here at Basecamp Conduit Mission. Your unbelievable response to our call to action yesterday has had everyone racing to facilitate the outpouring of grace and mercy. Well done. We crested the $11,000 mark in total charitable giving to the Guardian Village in Nepal. I wanted to personally say thank you, and please, PLEASE keep the ball rolling. We need you to continue liking FB posts, forwarding letters, and re-tweeting updates. We thank you in advance for continuing to partner with us as we open up the Conduit and continue getting resources to Nepal.

I want to share with you from my heart for a moment. Can we be very real and raw with each other? I want you to know that we absolutely applaud the work that is getting done, but I want you to know WHY. Why we are so encouraged. Why we are so engaged. And why we are so tenacious.

I want you to know that we are very deliberate about the things we are sharing with you. The news, the internet, the headlines, …they are full of stories of destruction, loss, and pain. But I want you to know that you are not giving to destruction, you are not giving to loss, and you are not giving to pain. Yes, those elements are present and we are all fighting the unsettling in our spirits that may leave us just below the threshold of crying… but even in these times, what we have is what separates us from the fate of the world. We have HOPE. And by giving, we are sending HOPE. And we are sending HOPE to fellow Conduits who are administering HOPE in the face of danger and circumstances we frankly just do not comprehend.

I want to share with you some recent updates from Guardian Village:

“We saw amazing things worked by God yesterday. We have been able to move critical patients into a caring environment. They are going to live! One family was brought directly to our Community Center from the worst hit spot in Nepal. The mother and child were badly wounded. I drove them immediately to our newly discovered hospital that is helping in awesome ways. I had one of our team monitoring the unresponsive baby’s pulse as I sped through the city. When I had to stop the jeep and run around to do CPR we were all speaking life in Jesus’s name. The baby woke up and we got him into ER where we had team members and doctors standing by for us. God is Good!”

And another:

“Please check out CNN from yesterday. We prayed (especially Kristi) this little girl, Saleena, alive one long night when she was comatose. The doctors, in what I used to consider one of the finest hospitals in Nepal, told her grandfather to take her home and let her die!! We prayed, as you were praying, and God saved her life. I believe he is going to save her dying grandfather as well. Check out the story HERE and see the teddy bear Kristi gave her before she went unconscious the first day we met her. She woke up from surgery asking for Kristi. God is Good!!”

Friends, we subscribe to a message of HOPE. These stories, and many more to come, are beautiful examples of how the Lord redeems and turns what the enemy means for destruction into stories of unimaginable triumph, redeemed souls, and miraculously saved lives. In fact, reports are coming in from Guardian Village we literally can not keep up with posting them all! Our God is in the business of delivering HOPE in the face of all that is evil. God is Good!

So thank you for partnering Conduits. You are the tribe- you are our tribe. And we are thankful to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, and shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Conduits in Nepal…delivering HOPE. Even as I type, my inbox is dinging- more donations coming in. You’re encouraging. You’re engaged. You’re tenacious.

Thank you with all the sincerity in our hearts. And again, we ask you to keep going. Keep posting, liking, and retweeting. Keep asking for others to share, donate, and connect to the Conduit. But remember WHY. And remember the many, many beautiful people in Nepal.

David Christopher, Conduit Mission



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