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On Saturday, an earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude, hit the Himalayan nation of Nepal. Thousands of years worth of buildings, homes, and roads were destroyed. The earthquake triggered landslides and avalanches on the mountainsides surrounding Kathmandu. The death toll is currently at 3,600 and rising. 

Conduit Mission has been in communication with our long standing relationships there in Kathmandu, Guardian Village. The children and staff are safe and the children’s home, community center, and school sustained little to no damage. However, people are now pouring in from the surrounding mountains and villages, seeking medical care, shelter, and food…and Guardian Village is rising to the occasion.  

The Guardian Village staff have jumped in to care for the injured and displaced. They are caring for the needs of those camped in their courtyard and those that have yet to receive medical care. With no electricity, water, and fuel to run the generators, local hospitals have closed their gates and will accept no more patients. Many hospitals that were not destroyed during the initial earthquake have sustained irreparable damage with aftershocks measuring up to 6.9 magnitude. Patients have now been moved to the parking lots, and with only one functioning operating room left in the entirety of the country at the moment, people are dying while awaiting life-saving surgery. Relief supplies are in transit, but roads are still impassable. Monsoon season is on its way. The death toll will continue to rise until outside resources and aid are able to intervene.

 People are in need of shelter, clean water, food, and medical attention. As always, Conduit Mission will serve as a literal conduit to get goods and resources into the hands of people that need it the most. Guardian Village is currently assessing the situation and communicating with us the most critical needs. Many have inquired how to help – and right now, the most critical need is finances. If you feel led, please follow the link and donate with confidence that 100% of all donations will be sent directly to these trusted relationships there in Nepal. As the situation progresses, we will continue to monitor the needs and how Conduit Mission can best partner with meeting them. We will keep everyone informed as we move forward.

Regardless of your contribution, we are asking everyone to sincerely pray for the peace and safety of the region, and that God will continue to make his name known to these beautiful people through this painful time of healing and restoration. We serve a mighty God and we look forward to stories of healing, redemption and powerful testimony that come from hard times like these. And, as is often the case, people are turning to the local church for help… that makes us partners… affiliates…Conduits.

 On behalf of the staff here at Conduit Mission, and on behalf of the beautiful people of Nepal, Thank you for your consideration.



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