Update From Nepal

Published Wednesday, April 29, 2015 @ 07:00 AM. Written by Darren Tyler for Nepal Earthquake and Nepal.


We saw amazing things worked by God yesterday. We have been able to move critical patients into a caring environment. They are going to live! 

One family was brought directly to our Community Center from the worst hit spot in Nepal. The mother and child were badly wounded. I drove them immediately to our newly discovered hospital that is helping in awesome ways. I had one of our team monitoring the unresponsive baby's pulse as I sped them through the city. When I had to stop the jeep and ran around and do CPR. We were all speaking life in Jesus' name. The baby woke up and we got him and mom into the ER where we had team members and doctors standing by for us. God is good!!

Another... Check out CNN from yesterday we prayed (especially Kristi) this little girl, Saleena, alive one long night when she was comatose. The Doctors, in what I used to consider the finest hospital in Nepal, told her grandfather to take her home and let her die!! We prayed, as You were praying, and God saved her life. I believe he is going to SAVE her surviving grandpa as well. Check out the story on CNN.com and see the Teddy Bear Kristi gave her before she went unconscious the first day we met her. She woke up from surgery asking for Kristi. GOD is GOOD!!

Sweet 9 yr old Sun Maya, orphaned, dug out from rubble after many hours and airlifted to the hospital where we have the majority of folks who need surgery. The majority of her large bones are broken. We've been by her side since she arrived. In OT now. Please pray. This little dear managed a little smile about the teddy we brought her.