UPDATE FROM NEPAL- Updates, Photos from Guardian Village

Published Wednesday, May 06, 2015 @ 05:00 PM. Written by Darren Tyler for Nepal Earthquake and Nepal.

 The photo below is Salina's great grandmother.  Salina was the little girl pulled from a pile of rock.  Her grandfather carried her to a hospital where she was operated on by a CNN reporter/ surgeon. Here she is coming back to the community center (since her home was destroyed)   We anticipate that they may have an influx of kids at the children's home, considering some list their parents. 

These are photos of children who are being helped and loved on by our friends at Guardian Village.  They told us today that they are using your funds to purchase necessities for the hundreds of people who are living in the courtyard of Guardian Village.  


People are coming to Christ. The guardian village community has a whole new circle of influence. They went into the villages before, but now those in the villages are coming to them. 

Guardian Village has been a place to protect women and children from being trafficked. The kids have a safe and loving environment to grow up in and the women earn a living wage making handicrafts. 

There are traffickers posing as earthquake relief workers who are getting women to come with them and are taking them abroad to work in brothels.  There are Nepalese people who are terribly vulnerable right now. Sex traffickers flood into disaster areas like this when the population is dispersed, oppressed and separated.  It happened in Haiti.  We can be certain it's happening here. We are making every attempt we can to create safe environments.  


Please continue to pray.  Continue to share.  And if you can, please donate.  Your funds are needed and going directly to assisting people like Salina.  100% of your donations to Conduit are being sent directly to assist in the relief efforts.  Thank you.