Second Quake- Nepal Update

Published Tuesday, May 12, 2015 @ 01:00 PM. Written by Darren Tyler for Nepal Earthquake and Nepal.

I'm so sad to have to report that another quake hit Nepal today.  This doesn't appear to be an aftershock.  It registered 7.3.  Almost as large as the first major quake 3 weeks ago. More people are dead.  More are injured.  More are homeless.  

Our partner Dan and his family were up in Kavre working with their shelter team.  Kavre happened to be right in the middle of the epicentre.  They are physically fine; but they are as busy as ever.  

Your donations have gone to pay for food, clothing, shelter and medical expenses for victims of the quake.  Boutique non profits like Conduit, working directly with people on the ground have been very effective in getting relief to people.  

Thank you for your support.  We are sending 100% of your donations as we receive them.  We are thankful that you are trusting us to be a conduit of your generosity.  

Please continue to pray for our friends in Nepal.  We will update as we have more information. 

Darren Tyler

Conduit Mission


The photos below. 

1.  The picture of the mountain was taken seconds after the quake.  The plumes of smoke are actually plumes of dust from collapsing structures. 

2.  Dan and his family are helping to build temporary shelters for the wounded and homeless.  This photo is of a family who lost their home and are recovering from serious injuries.   From Dan   "Half our team is putting up a new shelter for a family whose tent was shredded in a windstorm last night. We are taking shelter from a pouring rain near Sinderpalchowk. This break is giving us a chance to catch up with a family we helped a few days ago. Landslide risks are great up here. Please pray for these dear people"