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We are raising funds to help Matt & Julie Beermer and their organization   They are currently partnered with the local church in Lebanon in bringing relief to those who have been forced from their homes because of the brutality of the wars going on in Syria & Iraq.  

Here is what we are raising funds for. 

Club 1040 is serving Syrian Refugees in the Middle East.  Iraq and Lebanon.  100% of what is donated will be used by them to move relief supplies. 

This project is really critical for many reasons

There are more refugees in Lebanon than any other country - so it's an awesome opportunity to change Syria. This is a strategic opportunity. 

Lebanon is the only country in the middle-east where you can convert legally as a Muslim and be protected by the government. It's just three million people and now 2 million Muslims have sought refuge from the Syrian war & Isis. Imagine if the population of the USA nearly doubled in two years. The housing costs/rents have gone through the roof.

While the Syrians are also working for less wages - so Unemployment is sky high & wages are going down. Most of the Aid agencies focus on the Syrians while the Lebanese are suffering too. Even so the Christian Lebanese churches still reach out to the Muslim families out of their lack. Some churches feed a couple hundred family's weekly while there's a couple dozen. But all the churches are stretched super thin. All the while there are Muslims pouring into the churches - now many churches have more Syrians in their service than Lebanese & many Muslims are converting.

So this aid we are sending is organized through one of the church groups we are working with. They are to 1) meet needs of any needy Lebanese they have in their churches 2) meet the needs of the Syrians they are reaching out to. The end game is to lift/encourage the beat down Lebanese church & also strengthen their position as a solution to this Syrian refugee crises in the governments eyes... Then also enable them to reach out to more Muslims. It is cross denominational and so it is bringing unity to churches to work together on this project. We are then building on the fruit if this to start discipleship & leadership training for former Muslims and the church. We appreciate anything you can do to help raise the support to make this happen.


Darren Tyler
Phone: 615-414-3393

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Syrian Refugee Update

Posted: 09/07/2015 10:00 AM

UPDATE:   Thank you for your generosity.  Lebanon still houses a huge majority of the Refugees from Syria.  It is straining the local systems and churches. Read more

Written by Darren Tyler for Refugee Crisis In The Middle East